May 17, 2016

EB4 Requirements

For an applicant to qualify for an EB4 , the applicant must belong to a class of one of the following special immigrants:

1. Religious Worker
2. Broadcaster
3. Iraqi/Afghan Translator
4. Iraqi who has assisted the US
5. Employee of an international organization
6. Employee of the Panama Canal Zone
7. Physician
8. Member of the Armed Forces
9. Retired NATO-6 employee
10. Spouse or child of deceased NATO-6 employee

Special immigrants who wish to apply for the EB4 in any of the above listed categories must have previously entered the U.S and have been employed. However, a continuing offer of employment in the United States is not required for one to be eligible for the EB4 . However, other occupation specific requirements must be duly met alongside other health and character requirements.

Please hold while your application is being analyzed.