B1 Visa for Business Visitors

B1 Visa for Business Visitors

The U.S government requires most business visitors entering the U.S possess a valid business visitor visa, such as the B1 Visa. This visa is a non-immigrant visa that gives permission to international business people to legally enter the U.S temporarily.

Holders of this category of visa are legally allowed to undertake business activities or transactions including consulting with business associates or partners, negotiating contracts and attending conferences or meetings within the United States.

B1 Visa Entitlements

The U.S government usually allows the holder of this category of visa to stay in the U.S. for a maximum duration of one (1) year. The holder’s spouse, dependent children and domestic or ancillary employees may also be entitled to accompany them to the U.S on a derivative non-immigrant visa. In certain circumstances or conditions, B1 visa holders may be eligible to change their status while in the U.S to engage in employment or full-time study. As has been mentioned before, for applicants who do not have passports from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) eligible country, you may need to apply for a Short Travel Visa to the United States. Please complete our US Travel Visa Assessment and purchase our Managed Visa Application service. We will manage your application from start to finish, and assist you with your Short Travel Visa Application to the United States of America.

B1 Visa Requirements

Like the B2 visa category, the B1 can only be obtained outside the United States. Applicants in this category must be able to prove that the purpose for their trip is for a business activity that does not involve gainful employment or payment from a source within the U.S. Equally important for gaining qualification in this category is for the applicant to demonstrate that he or she intends to stay in the U.S temporarily and that he or she intends to return to his or her home country at the end of their stay. The applicants in the B1 category, like those in the B2 category must prove that they possess the financial wherewithal needed to support themselves during their stay. Equally important in this category are the health and character requirements

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