J-1 Visas for Professors

J-1 Visas for Professors

A J-1 visa for Professors is a temporary exchange visitor visa that provides professors the opportunity to teach, lecture or conduct at accredited academic institutions, museums or libraries in the U.S.

J-1 Visa Entitlement for Professors

A J1 visa entitles the holder to participate in a Professor Exchange program with a U.S. sponsoring institution. A J-1 visa for a Professor exchange is usually granted for a maximum of 3 years and extensions may be granted to complete a specific research activity.

Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age may apply for the applicable derivative visa (J-2 visa) to join their spouse or parent in the U.S. Accompanying spouses and children are entitled to study in the United States and may undertake employment with an approved employment authorization.

Requirements for J-1 Visa for Professors

To qualify for a J-1 visa as a professor in the U.S., the applicant must be accepted to participate in a certified professor exchange program in the U.S.

To participate in a professor exchange program, the applicant must be a professor in a foreign country, have proficient English language skills and have obtained a PhD or the highest degree possible in their area of expertise. Applicants may also be required to meet the sponsoring organization’s specific program requirements.

Furthermore, the applicant must not be a candidate for a tenure track position or have completed a professor exchange program in the 24 months preceding the start of the new program. Applicants who have held a J-1 visa during the 12 month period preceding the start of the professor exchange program may not be eligible. However there are some exceptions to this requirement.

J-1 visa applicants may also be required to meet certain health and character requirements.

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