May 17, 2016

EB2 Requirements

To be able to qualify for this category, applicants must possess an advanced degree or must be exceptional in their chosen field or profession. The applicants must possess a U.S job offer from a U.S employer who will act as guarantor or sponsor for the applicant.

In lieu of shedding more light on what an “advanced degree” is, for the purpose of the EB2 application, an advanced degree would be considered at least a Master’s degree, or in some professions or fields, a plus a minimum of five (5) years’ work experience.

Exceptional ability in this regard will mean that the applicant for this category of must possess a degree of expertise above what is ordinarily obtainable in the Arts, Sciences or business. Applicants who can prove or demonstrate their exceptional abilities and prove that their employment in the U.S would greatly promote the United State image and benefit the nation can self-petition and may not really need any U.S employer as a sponsor. This category also has health and character requirements.

Please hold while your application is being analyzed.