1. Full Name

    2. Gender

    3. Date of Birth

    4. ID number

    5. Address

    6. Telephone

    7. Cellphone

    8. Email

    9. Education

    10. Occupation/Speciality/Experience

    11. Place of Work/Studies/Business (in case you are managing a business, please mention what year the business was founded)

    12. Nationality (if you hold more than one please mention all of them)

    13. Are you eligible to apply for passports from other countries?

    14. Do you have any relatives that are US citizens or greencard holders? Please, mention the relation.

    15. Are you a spouse/fiance of an US citizen?

    16. Please mention all the visas to the United States you have ever received. Dates and types.

    17. Has your application to aquire an US visa ever been refused or a previously granted visa been revoked? If so, please specify.

    18. Have you ever been denied from entering the US? If so, please specify.

    19. Do you have any criminal record? If so, specify the crimes and any time served in prison.

    20. Did you ever overstay in US or did you violate the US visa terms?

    21. Are you able to invest funds in a business in the U.S. in order to receive a to the U.S.? If so, could you invest $1,000,000/ $500,000 ?

    22. Are you interested in managing a business in the U.S. and investing for this purpose around $100,000?

    23. Are you a business owner (for more than one year) and interested in opening a branch in US ? If so, please mention how many employees do you have?

    24. Do you work for a company that has a branch in the U.S.? If so, how big is the company in your country and how big is the one in the U.S.?

    25. Are you an artist/musician/sportsman/very well-known person in your field? If you are a well-known expert in your field, please mention if you have been published or have been cited by other specialists in the field.

    26. Is there any US employer that will be interested to employ you?

    27. Did you apply and have been accepted through a recognized cultural exchange organization?

    28. Are you a religious worker?

    29. Have you ever been registered to the Diversity Visa (Visa ) program and with which organisations?

    Please hold while your application is being analyzed.